Project Submission

  1. Frequently Asked Questions. Details about the ethics review process from submission to decision.

  2. IARC Ethics Questionnaire. To be included in each application.

  3. IARC Ethics Questionnaire for Mac. To be included in each application (for Mac users).

  4. Informed Consent Template. The IEC encourages the PI to adapt this Template to the submitted project.

  5. IEC Annual Report Template. In those cases where the IEC has requested the submission of annual progress reports, these should be submitted generally within six weeks of the anniversary of the IEC approval. For clinical trials the annual report should also include a copy of the Data and Safety Monitoring Board′s report and the scheduled inclusion of subjects versus the actual inclusion.

  6. Types of Submissions to the IEC. Categories of application available to the PI according to the type of study. Please refer to the SOPs for further guidance and required documents.